Hearing Aid Fitting: Finding Hearing Aids that Works for You

Resound hearing aid in hand

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss in some way. Thankfully, medical technology in this area has come a long way. Yet for how treatable hearing issues have become, fewer than 1 in 3 people with hearing loss have taken the appropriate steps towards treatment. Many don’t know what signs to look for to recognize hearing loss. Many others have heard mixed reviews on the benefits of hearing aids. Still more have had a bad experience themselves. Well today it’s time to set the record straight when it comes to hearing aids.

Not all hearing aids are created equal!

Everybody is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hearing loss. In order for your hearing loss to be treated successfully, you need to be fitted with hearing aids. Determining what kind of hearing aids are best for you is dependent on a number of factor. Before you go to the doctor, you should consider the following variables in your life…

1. Your Lifestyle

Your normal listening environments will play a big role in fitting you with the right hearing aid. Whether you frequent libraries or nightclubs, there is a hearing aid fitted to your lifestyle. The more you tell your doctors about your lifestyle, the better equipped they will be to match you with the hearing aid you need.

2. Your Symptoms

Not all hearing loss is the same. In fact, there is a profoundly wide spectrum that exists within the umbrella of hearing loss. Where you fall in this spectrum will determine the type of hearing aid that you need. To determine the type of hearing loss you are dealing with, you should be ready to talk to your doctor about the severity and nuances of your hearing loss. What types of sounds are you having trouble hearing? In what sorts of situations are you having difficulty? How long have you been experiencing hearing loss?

3. Your Particulars

There are a variety of different styles of hearing aids that are available to you. When choosing a style of hearing aid, there are a wide range of factors to consider, from aesthetics to your dexterity. You need to have a frank conversation with your doctor about your needs and preferences. If you end up with a hearing aid you don’t like, it’s likely to end up collecting dust somewhere. In addition to wasting time and money, you still will not have solved your problem.

4. Your Comfort

One major dimension that must be evaluated in prospective hearing aid is physical comfort. Functionality and compatibility are, of course, important in choosing the hearing aid that suits you best, but if your hearing aids are not comfortable, chances high that you will not end up wearing them. Hearing aid fit should be as comfortable as wearing any other type of accessory, such as jewelry, or glasses.

5. Your Results

In the end, sound quality is the biggest indicator of how well matched you are with your hearing aid. Ensuring good results from your hearing aid requires a holistic evaluation of your needs. This requires doctors to consider everything from your lifestyle to the shape of your ear canal.

Find the Right Hearing Aid Fit for You

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