Advanced Hearing Solutions was founded in 2007 by Dr. David Gnewikow, Audiologist. The mission of Advanced Hearing Solutions is to serve patients with hearing loss by focusing on each individual’s unique communication needs. We seek to find the point where science meets compassion by applying knowledge of the latest audiology techniques, hearing research, and hearing aid technology to each patient’s specific place in life. We seek not only to allow patients better hearing, but to allow them to hear life.

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We understand the physical, communicative, financial, and emotional stresses that result from hearing loss. Our staff is wholly committed to improving the hearing, communication, and quality of life for all of our patients. That’s why we allow our patients a no obligation trial period with all hearing aids. We strive to maximize our patients’ communication abilities, not just to hear better, but to hear life.

Advanced Hearing Solutions is located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. We are your source for hearing loss, hearing consultations, hearing aids, and hearing aid repairs in the Nashville area, Wilson County and all of Middle Tennessee .

Advanced Hearing Solutions owner, Dr. David Gnewikow, is a licensed and certified Audiologist. We are proud to be the only private practice in the area with a Ph.D. level audiologist having extensive experience not only in the recommendation and fitting of hearing instruments, but also in performing the research to make better hearing aids, and teaching clinical skills to other audiologists. It is our goal to the be the premier destination for hearing aids in Nashville, Mount Juliet and all of Middle Tennessee.