Hearing Loss

It is estimated that over 30 million Americans experience significant hearing loss. Obviously, this can affect a person’s ability to communicate with friends, family, co-workers or clients, but there can be more significant effects of hearing loss as well. Research on quality-of-life and hearing indicates that people with significant hearing loss may become withdrawn socially. Social withdrawal is known to affect overall health and quality of life.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Sometimes, hearing loss is a little more sneaky. It doesn’t present itself as an overall inability to hear, but more as misunderstanding some voices. This may start as confusing words that sound alike, saying “huh?,” or feeling like a lot of people are mumbling. This is a sign of high-frequency hearing loss that many of us acquire as we get older or when we’ve been around too much loud noise.

The information contained below should give you some insight into hearing and hearing loss. If you feel like you might have some of these symptoms, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll set you up for a hearing evaluation and tell you how we can help you hear life.