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At Advanced Hearing Solutions, we offer our patients the best products, the best service and the best expertise. Far more than a point of sale, we strive to keep our patients hearing their best by offering continued service for the lifetime of the hearing aids we sell. Starting with our online hearing test and proceeding to in-person care, we apply our expertise and care to make sure your hearing correction is the most accurate available for you.

Fitment is an ongoing process, and you can be sure we’ll be here to help you get the hearing care you need from the day you get your new hearing aids, through the coming weeks of adjustment, and long into the future. If something doesn’t feel right with your hearing aids, you can visit our office free of charge for the entire time you have them.

Sometimes people get hearing aids but don’t stick with them because they’re uncomfortable, or an initial fitment isn’t quite right. Dr. Gnewikow of Advanced Hearing Solutions uses a probe-microphone technique to make sure that what is coming out of your hearing aids is exactly as intended, and if something doesn’t feel right he’ll make sure that your hearing aids are providing the amplification that you need to hear your best.

What’s more, our risk-free trial period gives you the chance to make sure your hearing aids are going to work for you. Unlike other practices, we don’t have any non-refundable fees. If you’re not happy by the end of your trial period, you’ll pay nothing, period.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in the business of audiology. We focus on each patient’s specific needs, and we’ve seen just about every type of situation there is, so we know how to apply our in-depth knowledge to make sure any underlying issues are uncovered and you can go forth knowing you’re getting the best care for your hearing health and well-being.

Regular hearing tests are important for everyone. The Better Hearing Institute, a non-profit organization, recommends getting a hearing test once every decade until age 50, and once every three years after that. Those in higher-risk professions or who are otherwise at a higher risk for hearing loss should be tested more regularly. Our hearing tests are conducted with state-of-the-art equipment, and our expertise assures that you’ll get the most accurate hearing test available so you can keep the best track of your hearing health.

Hearing protection is a must in today’s loud, fast-paced world. We offer customized hearing protection that is perfectly suited to a variety of professions and activities.


Full Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations for patients of all ages - We can perform several types of tests, rather than just the standard Pure Tone test. This helps us make sure our measurements are as accurate as possible, and you receive the best type of hearing amplification for your specific hearing needs.

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Hearing Aid Repairs for all major brands - We perform most repairs in-house, minimizing your time without your hearing aids.

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Hearing Aid Batteries - We carry batteries for just about every type of hearing aid on the market.

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Hearing Protection for Musicians, Hunters and Shooters, including hunting devices that amplify sound, but shut down for protection from gunfire.

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Assistive Listening Devices for telephones, TVs, lectures and more.

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