Why Choose Advanced Hearing Solutions?

Do you know people who bought hearing aids and don’t wear them? Do you know people who wear hearing aids, but don’t like them? The single most important factor in hearing aid success is expertise. Today’s hearing aid technology allows for a myriad of settings, features, and adjustments; however, it is the expertise of the individual recommending and fitting the hearing aids that vastly determines a patient’s success. Click here to read some of our patient reviews.

Dr. Gnewikow

Dr. Gnewikow of Advanced Hearing Solutions has been recognized locally and nationally for his contributions to education, research, and patient care. His experience makes the difference in patient’s success. Dr. Gnewikow is the only private practice audiologist in the area with a Ph.D. degree, the highest degree awarded by any academic institution. We use probe-microphone measurements to fit every hearing aid. This is considered the gold-standard in hearing aid fitting; however, many clinics do not use this technique. Without probe microphone measurements, it is impossible to know that the patient is being fit optimally.

We also offer all of our patients the opportunity to try hearing aids free. Many offices charge a non-refundable fee for a hearing aid trial. We do not. If you are not satisfied with your trial period, you pay nothing.

Advanced Hearing Solutions is the only local hearing aid practice that offers long-term, no-interest, payment plans.

Finally, our prices are competitive with, or often lower than, any practice in the area for comparable technology. We have hearing aids to meet any budget.

Why choose Advanced Hearing Solutions? The best expertise. The most patient-friendly policies. The best technology and the best prices!