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One of the best decisions I have made is contacting Dr. David Gnewikow at Advanced Hearing Solutions. I have long known that I have a problem with my ability to hear, but just kept putting off getting help. A good friend with similar hearing issues enthusiastically related to me how his problem was solved through Advanced Hearing Solutions. I took the advice and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gnewikow.

I was surprised to find that I could have a thorough hearing examination and consultation at no charge and without obligation. (That was different!) Throughout the examination, Dr. Gnewikow explained what he was doing in a way that set me at ease. He patiently went over the data with me and, to better understand my case, asked lots of questions concerning my history.

Dr. Gnewikow explained the options that were available to solve my hearing problem and even recommended a hearing aid that was not high end. I left feeling equipped to make an informed decision and took a week to make up my mind. On my second visit, I was fitted with hearing aids that were calibrated to each ear. It was like hearing for the first time! To ensure my problem was solved, I was allowed to wear them one month with no obligation to purchase. There was no pressure, but I knew when I left Dr. Gnewikow’s clinic that Advanced Hearing Solutions had indeed solved my problem.

Dr. Gnewikow worked with me on a reasonable payment plan that allowed me to acquire my hearing aids. (He also deferred the interest!) What I felt was an appreciation for a doctor who above everything else wanted to enable me to hear well.

My world is better and my stress level is lessened with good hearing. I thank Dr. Gnewikow for improving the quality of my life.

Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gnewikow at Advanced Hearing Solutions. I am a high school teacher and I award them a well-deserved A+ !
Harold M, Ed.D., Nashville, TN
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Dr. David, I want to thank you so much for providing me with something that I can hear much better with. I felt it was out there somewhere, I am glad I did not give up. Even more I want to thank you for trusting me to pay as I should, being retired my money is limited but never my intentions. My word was all I and you took a chance on me.
God has a special place for people like you, I hope he does for me also.
Thanks again,
Miss Clay F., Goodlettsville, TN
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Dr. Gnewikow, I have had my new hearing aids for a few months now and cannot begin to say how happy I am with them.My experience with you has been more blessed than you can know. You met me where my hearing, or lack thereof, is and immediately got me to an awesome place of not just hearing but hearing with more clarity and balance than I’d ever had before. Sometimes I like to just sit and listen, to birds, crickets, wind. It’s an amazing blessing. You set me at ease from the moment “hello.” I never once felt like one of many passing through the door to purchase a standard product to help me hear better. No, instead I felt you met me on a personal level, fitting me with personal aids set just for my hearing situation. Your staff is the best, always meeting us with a smile on their face and in their voice. Your office presents a warm, caring atmosphere that sets so many people at ease and helps us to have a bit more confidence in letting someone, you, help us to find some pretty amazing solutions for our hearing issues. My husband is quite thankful to be able to speak to me and have me actually hear what he says. My co-workers are thankful to communicate with me verbally and not have to rely only on email and sticky notes.
Renee S.
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Dear Dr. G:
Seldom do I do this.

Here is why; you are the most personable, at ease, and thoroughly knowledgeable professional in your field of endeavor I have met.

Unlike the advertisements we are blitzed with for hearing aids and mattresses in the print media, your practice emphasizes the total satisfaction of the client. If I recall, you have access to a half dozen or so brands of aids. Rather than pushing a brand, you place emphasis upon the patient in order to offer the best option for that individual.

How very refreshing. I’ve been there and done that with two prominently advertised brands. NO THANKS!

You are encouraged to visit with Dr. G, I recommend his practice without reservation.

NOTE: This endorsement is offered without suggestion or solicitation by Dr. G. Further, the reader may contact Dr. G for my permission to access me regarding his practice for additional impressions.
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In December 2013, Dr. Gnewikow upgraded my hearing aids to a more powerful set because I was having problems hearing. In March, I scheduled an appointment to have him check and adjust them (always without charge), because I was having problems hearing when road, AC, and crowd noise was excessive. As always, he listened intently as I explained my problems, which included great difficulty understanding on the phone. Understanding on the phone is a serious concern because we own a business and I set all client appointments.

In a moment’s time, Dr. G adjusted my hearing aids giving me the option to press a button which blocks out much of the background noise. What a difference it’s made! In addition, he willingly completed paperwork for the State of Tennessee to issue me a new hearing-impaired phone that is Bluetooth and neckloop accessible. This too has improved my hearing client’s names and information immensely!

Dr. G is always seeking “cost-effective” ways to improve my hearing, unlike other hearing aid “pushers” I’ve seen who had their, NOT my, best interest in mind. Additionally, Dr. G will never give you hearing aids unless you truly need them and will always completely explain why you need them.
Sheila S., Mt. Juliet TN
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Dr. David Gnewikow,
Just a short message to express my appreciation for you and your staff. I have worked with audiologists in the Atlanta area and Nashville. You are the most knowledgeable and personable I have ever met. Your confidence, knowledge and patience are outstanding. It was time and money well spent. I’ll recommend you to anyone with a hearing problem.
Jim B., Nashville, TN
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Dr. G,
When my wife saw you on NewsChannel 5+ and told me about the program, I had a lot of doubt. I had been using hearing aids for over eight years and had four different pairs. They all had been programmed by two different hearing professionals, but have never heard sounds more clearly than I can after being programmed by Dr. G. I now can hear sounds that I couldn’t hear before. The human voice is very clear and sharp.

I would recommend Dr. G to anyone with hearing loss!!! The drive is worth it.
Roger W., Burns, TN
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I developed the worst case of tinnitus almost overnight and for no apparent reason (ringing in the ears). I went to a few doctors and hearing specialist who told me I had some hearing loss, but there was nothing anyone could do for the ringing. I searched the web and tried everything (no caffeine, low salt, no smoking, etc…). Nothing worked. I then read some people were helped by hearing aids. Even though I was told I had hearing loss, I never really thought it was a big issue as I thought I could hear just fine, and I was too young to wear hearing aids. The ringing got worse and worse, to the point that it became so loud, it would drown out voices and give me headaches. It’s as if someone was screaming right next to my ear. I was literally going crazy.

At that point, I was ready to try anything, as being deaf would even be better than what I was dealing with. I searched around and wanted to find someone that had different brands of hearing aids, as they would not be biased. I heard good things about Dr. Gnewikow, and since he was close to where I lived, I figured this would be a good choice (the interest free financing did not hurt either). He was very nice, professional, and obviously very knowledgeable. He tested my hearing, and offered me a few choices. I picked a brand and type and he let me try them for 30 days, no strings attached. If it didn’t work, I could just return them, no questions asked.

I had no idea how much of my hearing was gone. I was hearing things I hadn’t heard in years, and things in my everyday life I was completely missing (birds, leaves on trees, voices, etc…). I also didn’t realize how often I asked people to repeat themselves. Everyone noticed (especially my wife), but hearing aids are so small, no one notices unless I tell them. Most importantly, my tinnitus is completely gone!!! I never thought this could happen. It’s simply amazing. If I take hearing aids out for too long (an hour or more), it start coming back. Put them back in, and its gone. Freaky! My hearing aids auto adjust to different environments and boost or lowers levels automatically, yet also allows me to have presets. Dr. Gnewikow was awesome helping me with whatever presets I wanted, and adjusts them free anytime I want. Since I work earlier and later than his office hours, he has even stayed late so he could see me, which you never see anyone do anymore. That’s true customer service. If I could give him 10 stars I would. Simply awesome. Nice to have someone who actually cares about his job and his patient.
Khena K., Mt. Juliet TN
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Dr. Gnewikow,
I want to communicate to you the gratitude of my brother and I for the assistance you recently gave him with his hearing problem. This represents a primary example, I believe, of your dedication to helping folks to hear and not to just selling hearing aids.
Because of your exam of my brother and your information regarding his specific type of hearing loss he was able, upon his return home to Texas, to consult with an audiologist there and get new hearing aids with the “frequency compression” capability you suggested. He called me this week and asked that I express his gratitude to you and to say that he is hearing “better than he has in his life” due to these new hearing aids!

I hope you will post this to your website to let others know just how willing and helpful you can be. Your knowledge, experience, and desire to be of help set you apart from others in the field! In my opinion there is none better!
Jerry B., Dickson, TN
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I went to see Dr. G when my doctor told me I had hearing loss. I had been to two other hearing aid places and after a brief exam they tried to sell me their most expensive unit. Not happy with those experiences, I chose Dr. G from the phone book. It was a whole new experience. After a very thorough exam, he spent a lot of time with me explaining my hearing loss and needs.

I was fitted with hearing aids and what a difference. My wife sure appreciated the change. My wife had had hearing aids for 8 or 9 years and had always had problems and our kids complained that she wasn’t hearing them. So she went to see Dr. G and had a an equally pleasing experience. Even though she had worn hearing aids for a number of years no one had ever explained all the whys and hows. And the kids were happy that mom could hear them again. Now we have moved 400 miles away but still go back to see them- the service and expertise are more than worth the drive.
AM, Pilot Mountain, NC
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I was privileged to accompany my husband and his brother, who is from another country, to Dr. Gnewikow’s office for my brother-in-law’s serious hearing loss to be evaluated. It was a pleasant and informative experience from the minute we arrived at his nice office. (I’m always impressed when a place is clean.
Especially a doctor’s office!) We knew of Dr. Gnewikow, but had not actually met him until this appointment. I was in awe as I watched the testing happen and observed the way Dr. Gnewikow interacted with someone who not only couldn’t hear well, but who had difficulty hearing and speaking English. Absolute patience intertwined with determination to find a solution. My brother-in-law was fitted with hearing aids during that initial appointment and if I had not been sitting in the same room with him, I might not have believed the immediate change in his hearing.

It was incredible and impressive! He went from probably mostly reading lips before the appointment – to being able to answer a question I asked him in a normal voice, with me sitting behind him after he received the hearing aids. I had no idea that there could be such quick help. The hearing aids are discreet and it was so interesting to watch Dr. Gnewikow program and tweak them to be exactly what my brother-in-law needed.

We were never rushed and were encouraged to ask questions to make sure my brother-in-law left that office with complete confidence. Now that my brother-in-law has returned to his family in another country, they are in awe of his restored hearing and the new “life” he is living now that he can hear and be part of conversations. If ever there was someone who is doing what they were meant to be doing – it’s Dr. David Gnewikow!
Donna M., Nashville, TN
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When I decided I needed to have my hearing tested I shopped around and found that Advanced Hearing Solutions offered the opportunity to explore the options without a significant commitment or cost. Some others including a major medical institution required payment for the advice and a “nickel and dime” approach to all options. In addition, the time spent prior to the final decision was matched with the time spent after to ensure a great fit. Later I brought my 92 year old Dad in to have his hearing aids adjusted as they were bought elsewhere and just didn’t work. After the adjustments they work fine and no replacement was needed. I have been more than satisfied with the hearing aids and the support.
MK, Lebanon, TN
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I have been wearing hearing aids for more than 40 years using various services in an effort to get a maximum fit. Three months ago I literally pulled Dr. Gnewikow out of the yellow pages and went to him for an evaluation and possible new aids. It was the best chance encounter I have ever had.

Dr. Gnewikow is personable caring focused on the patient and extremely competent. He achieved the best fit I have ever had. I hear better than any time I can remember and my friends confirm it. It took 40 plus years but I have finally found the doctor I need to handle my hearing loss. His attention and care have extended my time in the classroom.
FH, Nashville, TN
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Dear Dr. Gnewikow:

I would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to tell you how pleasant you made my experience in your office today. I was a little reluctant to visit since I had no insurance, and did not know if I could compensate you. You understood the challenge, and looked for a solution with grace and left my dignity intact.

Despite the challenges I presented, you made my visit very positive. You gave me an affordable solution with which I’m very pleased, all with courtesy and without pressure.

As you predicted, I am hearing sounds I haven’t heard for years. The two hours you spent with me made a profound difference in my ability to communicate with my spouse, and she is as grateful as I. I hope I can help repay you by referring potential customers your way and with future business of my own. What a wonderful world!

A very happy new customer
DH, Nashville, TN
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I am glad I choose to get my hearing ais from Dr. David. They have been a big help to me in the 3 1/2 years I have had them.
Betty A., Mt. Juliet, TN
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I heard about Dr. Gnewikow from several friends and business associates. So when I began to have definite hearing problems, I went to have a free hearing test that he offered to senior citizens. The one thing that impressed me most was that there was absolutely no pressure to purchase hearing devices He clearly described my problems and answered all of my questions.

I thought about it for a few months, then returned to be fitted for the hearing devices and a free 30 day trial. After a couple of trips to his office to have them “fine tuned”, I decided to purchase the devices. I chose one of several payment options. Even though his office is 60 miles from my house, I certainly think it’s worth the drive. I highly recommend Dr. Gnewikow for your hearing difficulties.
Dan E., Dickson, TN
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Worth the drive!

My husband needed hearing aids (first time) when we lived in the Nashville area, and was very pleased with his experience with Dr. G. He is in the medical field himself (a veterinarian), and thought the exam he received was very thorough and the doctor’s explanations and “bedside manner” were excellent. In addition, a work-related report and follow-up telephone call were needed, and Dr. G promptly and efficiently provided both-and at no additional charge! When it came time for me to get new hearing aids (I’ve been wearing them for 5 years), we had moved 200 miles away, however there was no question as to where I would go!

I drove the 200 miles each way and it was well worth the trip! Even though my previous hearing aids had been “state of the art,” the ones I was fitted with by Dr. G restored my hearing ability to “like new.” (My husband now says he only has to talk half as much!) We were both very pleased in every respect (including price) with Advanced Hearing Solutions, and would definitely recommend Dr. Gnewikow to anyone who is hearing impaired.
Cheryl M., Dyersburg, TN
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After some time of being told by my colleagues that I needed to get my hearing tested, I finally did. Dr. Gnewikow was fabulous! He tested and gave me the results, explaining everything in plain language. I felt the need to check at least one other option so went to a major health center team for another test. They gave me the same basic results but the options presented were not well explained and the customer service was simply not of the calibre I experienced at Advanced Hearing. And when I did not buy right away, they charged me for the test, which Advanced Hearing Solutions did not. Needless to say, I went back to Dr. Gnewikow and I have been very happy with the results. I have had them almost 2 years now and it has made a big difference in both my personal and professional life. I recommend him to everyone.
Maggie K., Lebanon, TN
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Dr. Gnewikow,

Ken and I wish to express our gratitude for your kindness, expertise in your field, having the ability to make your patients feel so at ease and yes, your sense of humor.

You are so thorough with your exam and and so great about explaining every procedure that you perform. We live in Clarksville and did not give it a second thought about coming to Mt. Juliet (when you moved your practive there) than we did coming to see you in Nashville.

We would certainly recommend you to anyone. You are a great person!”
Ken and Ellinor A., Clarksville, TN
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David: Dee and I would like to thank you for all the kind attention you have provided us. Having worn aids for better than 50 years I’ve found it quite rare when an audiologist is little more than a high-pressure salesman. You and your assistant were like a breath of fresh air. Very professional. Dee and I are delighted to have discovered you within a few weeks of moving to Mt Juliet. Take care and stay well.
Alan T., Ph.D./ScD, Mt. Juliet, TN
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Dear Dr. Gnewikow,

Thank you for the you have given my mother. At her assisted living home, she rarely participated in activities. She complained that other residents mumbled instead of talking. Now she is enjoying conversations and activities. Since my father never had much success with hearing aids, she was always reluctant to consider them. Giving her the opportunity to try them before buying them made such a difference. My family is so grateful for the quality of life you have given to mother. My you and your family be blessed with health and success in 2014
BB, Nashville, TN
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Dr G:

I hope that this is the way to post, on your website, my gratitude for the excellent care given to me with regard to my hearing problems. I had postponed for several years being evaluated because of the negative stories I had heard about hearing aids but when I finally decided to do something, I feel that I was very fortunate to meet you. The quality of the evaluation, your obvious vast technical knowledge, and attentiveness to my specific needs were greatly appreciated. After wearing my hearing aids for a year now I am still amazed at the quality of my hearing. I only wish I had met you sooner! I would encourage anyone who has questions about their hearing or that of a loved one to contact you. My gratitude for you is never ending!”
Jerry B., Dickson, TN
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If you are looking for an audiologist– — who is very knowledgeable and up-dated on the latest technology — who is compassionate and has a true desire to aid in improving your hearing condition — who is understanding of your particular hearing needs — who follows up on your progress and keeps you informed of new advances that might be beneficial to your specific hearing deficit, then call Dr. David Gnewikow 615-758-7999 . You will be thankful for his care!
ML, Nashville, TN
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I have worn hearing aids for 15 years. While they helped I had problems with background noise and whistling. Dr. Gnewikow spent the time testing and listening to my problems. He fitted me with over the ear digital aids that I have been wearing for two months. I am amazed by the improvement in my hearing even in crowds. The whistling is gone and it is very pleasant. I would recommend David to anyone with hearing problems.
Dr. Reginald M., Murfreesboro, TN
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Dr. Gnewikow,

Thank you so much for taking the time to make me feel so at ease while adjusting my hearing aids and for working with me to make sure the hearing aids were set perfectly. I am so uncomfortable if the tones are not set to the appropriate tone needed and I appreciate you patience and kindness in getting me to that point.

I was so disappointed when I called the Bill Wilkerson hearing office, was informed you were no longer there, and was advised they could not give me your name and phone number. By chance, my daughter had kept your business card and we found you and your new business in Mt. Juliet. Even though we are almost an hour away, I am definitely driving to Mt. Juliet in order to be treated by you.

I wish you the best of luck venturing out and establishing your own business. I am sure you will do well and I will do my best to send patients to you. Once again, thank you so much for your excellent skills, your patience with me and your extra time spent in making me feel at ease.
Faye J., Joelton, TN
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Advanced Hearing Solutions of Mt. Juliet, TN, owned by Dr. David Gnewikow, is a great source to purchase quality hearing aids and under favorable terms. The follow-up services after the sale are excellent indeed.
Leroy P. K., Mt. Juliet, TN
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My experience with Advanced Hearing Solutions was exceptional. The audiologist was very caring, listened well, attentive, and easy on the eyes. What a wonderful experience.
LJ, Old Hickory, TN
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After being told by my hearing aid people nothing more could be done to improve my sense of hearing, I took the advice of a friend who had been helped by Dr. David Gnewikow of Advanced Hearing Solutions and made an appointment. It was a happy day for me and my friends. Me, because I can now hear and enjoy life, and my friends because they no longer have to repeat everything said.

I can sincerely recommend Dr. Gnewikow, and do, to everyone I meet with hearing problems.
Agnes C., Nashville, TN
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This is not your typical “hearing aid dispenser”. David has been my hearing specialist for several years and has always been very helpful. He is a highly educated in the field (Doctorate).
CS, Culleoka, TN
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Dear David Gnewikow:

Your thoughtful expertise certainly has helped me-my new “ears” have been just what I needed. Many, many thanks!
JC, Brentwood, TN
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I have been very satisfied with my hearing aids. Dr. Gnewikow is always very helpful and responds in a timely way to needs. I recommend him.
Bob M., Mt. Juliet, TN
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My husband has had a hearing problem for six years and other audiologists said a hearing aid would not help him. Then we met Dr. Gnewikow and now my husband is hearing very well. Dr. Gnewikow is very thorough, patient, knowlegedable, and never gave up on my husband. Our heartfelt thanks Dr. Gnewikow.
Joanne & Dean R.,owland, Nashville, TN
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Dear Dr. David:

I just want to thank you so much for taking the time in your very busy schedule to talk to me and help me out with my Mom! I appreciate you very much! I wish you lots of good luck and happiness always! Thanks so much!”
LS, Nashville, TN
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Good Morning David,

For the first time since I have worn hearing aids, I actually feel “normal” somewhat. Yesterday after work I noticed that I was not fooling around with the aids….. I loved that. Taking the programs out of my right aid makes a huge difference. Take care and thanks for all your concern.
JG, Brentwood, TN
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Thank you for the excellent care last week. I appreciated your expertise and making my hearing exam a very positive experience.

Take Care.
MW, Nashville, TN
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I heard about Dr. Gnewikow on the Gerry House Show on WSIX radio. It almost sounded too good to be true. I called and talked to Dr. Gnewikow and was impressed, but still skeptical. I made an appointment and everything was just the way he said it would be. I tried the hearing aids for 30 days without any obligation to buy and the rest is history. I am well pleased and I can hear women and my grandchildren. Praise the Lord! Also, Dr. Gnewikow is very kind, patient, and professional.
Bobby B, Old Hickory, TN
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I am very happy with the outcome! I really enjoy TV – hear every word from everyone. Even understand what I hear as I walk into the kitchen. I look forward to using my hearing aids now and I am anxious to see the outcome in other situations. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.
AC, Murfreesboro, TN
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to make mom feel you care about her, and I know that you do. In today’s world, this is lost and there are very few doctors who consider their patients more than a number. I have 120 employees under my supervision and will definitely put my recommendation for your service on our monthly information brochure. Thanks again.
Reba B., Joelton, TN
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